6 Faqs About Home Additions

If you are tired of your current home space and are looking for a way to improve it or have more room for thing that make you happy, then a home addition may be the perfect solution. After all, home additions can give you the space you desire, but without the need to pack up and, move somewhere else. However, if you have not considered a home addition, chances are there are some questions and concerns that you will want to keep in mind.

When one thinks about home additions, the first thing done may be to rush to sites such as Pinterest and Houzze and look for that perfect space. However, we might forget that every space is different and what works for one room will not necessarily be feasible for another. Consequently, it is important to do some basic homework and understand a bit about the home additions process.

FAQs about Home Additions

  1. What do I need to do first? The best thing to do is to start making a list of the things you don’t like about your space and then jot down ideas of what you envision happening. Sure, sites like Pinterest and others can help but don’t make them the standard! Also, take time to talk to friends and family and get their input – you just might be surprised at what they have to say
  2. What about money? This is perhaps the most important part! Be sure to set aside the money available to use, allocating at least 10% for unexpected expenses.
  3. Where can I find a reputable home additions team? Talk to friends and family, as well as people at your local building supply store. They will be able to help you narrow down the list of local builders. Then plan on interviewing a minimum of 3 (ideally 5) of them Listen to what they have to say about the scope of your project, then make a decision. Keep in mind that lowest/highest does not mean better. In fact, most people recommend going with the median bid.
  4. Do I need to get a civil land survey? For interior renovations, this generally not needed. However, if the home addition means extending the size of your home, adding on a deck or patio or including an outside building you may wish to have one doe to ensure you are overstepping any property lines.
  5. Do I need a structural engineer? This will depend on where your home is located and whether you plan on knocking down walls. In these cases, getting the advice of a professional is highly recommended!
  6. Do I need blueprints drawn up? While these aren’t required in every home addition, it never hurts to have a plan drawn up to ensure everyone is on the same page.

So, what type of home additions or renovation will have built? Talk to a local building team and learn what potential waits in your home. Before you know it, you can the space you need and without have to pack up the whole house. Get started today.

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